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Trek PT has cutting-edge technology and one-on-one treatment options that you might not expect from a Physical Therapy clinic. Below are a few of the ways we can get you back in the game.



HawkGrips are tools used to treat pain, stiffness, and injuries both chronic and acute. Through Instrument-Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, these tools have shown the ability to quicken recovery from injury, decrease reliance on medication and need for surgery, increase range of motion, and improve athletic performance. These tools are currently in use by teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, as well as the United States Military and US Olympic teams. Find out more about these pain-relieving tools here:





Link to HawkGrips website
Trek Physical Therapy's Gait and Balance Sensors
BioSensics Gait and Balance Analysis

These two small sensors provide a powerhouse of information used to treat people with difficulty walking or keeping their balance. Wearable and unobtrusive, these sensors form the centerpiece of our mobile gait and balance laboratory. BioSensics sensors give the therapist and the patient unprecedented insight into the mechanics of walking and balance, allowing the therapist to better design treatment and the patient to understand exactly how they are improving. With quickly accessible parameters such as center of mass excursion, hip/ankle angle, walking speed, and time spent in every phase of gait, Trek PT's mobile gait and balance laboratory means you never again have to be kept in the dark as to exactly where your challenges lie and how quickly you are overcoming them.

Trek PT Cold Laser therapy
Cold Laser Therapy
Cold laser is proving to be a revolution in the field of Physical Therapy. Called a "cold" laser because it produces no palpable heat in the body, laser light has been shown in numerous studies to penetrate deep into injured tissue, increasing blood flow and speeding healing for a variety of conditions including tense or tight muscles, tendonitis, and even scar mobilization after major surgery. This versatile tool is not often found in PT clinics, but if you suffer from chronic pain, muscle tension, or are simply curious about how this cutting-edge technology could help you get your life back, come by Trek PT and let us see what it can do for you.
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