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Without you, this is not a question that we can fully answer.

Trek PT was founded by father and son Will Harmon, PT, DPT, ATP and Kirk Harmon, PT, DPT. Both of us grew tired of working for number crunchers that tried to dictate our Physical Therapy treatment based on money and profits rather than small triumphs and lives reclaimed. We knew that, especially in the face of a healthcare system that increasingly is interested only in how profitable you can be and how fast you can be turned out of the door, people deserve more. We wanted to create an environment where we had the freedom to take our time to get to know our patients and their wants and needs for treatment. Our hard work has culminated in Trek Physical Therapy - a place to heal, where we can throw all our strength and all our resources behind getting you where you want and deserve to be.


That introduction, however, doesn't tell the whole story. Because as much as Trek PT is us, it is also you. You will, if you honor Trek PT with the responsibility of your care, become part of a team whose sole goal is to help you return back to a more functional and fulfilling life. We want to listen to one another, learn from one another, and help one another to get you back to the activities you love. Whatever battles you are facing in life, if you are accompanied by pain or lack of function, you don't have to fight alone. Whether you have missed golf, running, lifting weights, your job, or even something as simple as picking up your grandchild at the park, wherever you want to be, wherever your pain or dysfunction have limited or stopped you, we will get you there.


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